Waterfalls between Salvadora and Lengua lagoons

The lagoons of Ruidera are a set of 14 lakes that extend over an area of ​approximately 30 kilometers, connected by underground and surface streams sometimes forming beautiful waterfalls. In 1979 they were declared a natural park. It is a tourist destination throughout the year, and has plenty of natural attractions.

Venta del Celemín is in the area of upper Ruidera lagoons. The nearest lagoon, just one kilometer away, is San Pedro’s, into which pours the Alarconcillo stream bordering the property, closing the valley of San Pedro. On the other side of the valley and after a short walk, an outstanding panoramic view shows Tomilla and Conceja lagoons, and little beyond, the Laguna Blanca, backed by the Campo de Montiel countryside and mountains of Sierra de Alcaraz 

Downwards are situated Redondilla, Lengua, Salvadora, Santos Morcillo, Batana, Colgada, Del Rey, Coladilla and Cenagosa lakes, before arriving at the Peñarroya dam.

Within the Natural Park it is possible to find plenty of hotel and restaurant services and facilities and unlimited possibilities for hiking,  tours in 4WD, flora and fauna watching, etc.

As a natural park, it is necessary to respect the rules and laws seeking to protect and preserve the local natural species and animals.

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